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01/2019 :: Fair FMB Süd in Augsburg from 20. - 21.02.2019

From 20. - 21.02.2019 we exhibit at the FMB South in Augsburg.

We look forward to your visit at our booth E25, hall 5.
You are welcome to request free tickets from us!

12/2017 :: Railway construction machinery - Turbine housings - Vehicle cabins - Plastics industry - Conveyor belts

Assembly of maintenance machines for railway construction
Machining of turbine housings
Production of vehicle cabins
Production of sliding pieces for the plastics industry
Production of conveyor belts


11/2017 :: Roller Rails - Tie Rods - Single-Outlet Chain Rails - Chuck Body - Paper Industry - Chassis Frame

Production of roller rails
Production of tie rods
Machining on-outlet chain rails
Production of clamping head housing
Repair Rotating unit for paper industry
Production of chassis frame

10/2017 :: Tamping machines - Chassis - Clamping head - Plastics industry - Wear strips - Ventilation systems

Assembly of track tamping machines
Production of cabs
Part production clamping head
Production of chain rail body for the plastics industry
Production of wear strips
Repair of ventilation systems for the chemical industry

11/2016 :: Hub for the aerospace industry - Bahnbaumaschinen - roller rails system - Driving cabin production

Manufacturing hub for the aerospace industry
Installation of Bahnbaumaschinen
Roll rail system for plastics industry
Driving cab manufacturing for railway construction

10/2016 :: Clamping head housings - tamping machines - Driving cab production - steam turbine casing - chassis frame

Production of clamping head housings

Mounting tamping machines

Driving cab manufacturing for railway construction

Machining steam turbine casing

Production chassis frame

09/2016 :: Conveyor belts - Ventilation - roller rails system - tamping machines - hollow shafts and Sleeves - Hall renovation

manufacturing conveyors

Repair of ventilation systems

Roll rail system for plastics industry

Mounting tamping machines

Manufacture of hollow shafts and clamping sleeves for the forging technology

Thermal Hall renovation

05/2016 :: Sculptur of Janos Megyik

04/2016 :: Kaplan turbine - Francis turbine - gas turbine housing cone - steam turbine casing Kauswagan - Tank

Hub for Kaplan turbine Milling

Mounting Francis turbine

Gas turbine housing cone 3d milling

Steam turbine casing Kauswagan

welding tank for emerging laying machine / railway construction

07/2015 :: valve housing - conveyors - Cleaning machines - chassis frame

valve housing
Cleaning machines for railway construction
chassis frame

06/2015 :: Rollers transport gear - edge profiling machine - Simulation system - conveyor belts

rollers transport gear
Complete remodeling edge profiling machine
Basic framework for simulation facility
Roller conveyors for film production


05/2015 :: Threshold laying machine - position indicator - pump shafts - manifolds - guide vane

Threshold laying machine for railway construction
Position indicators for hydroelectric power plants
pump shafts
collector pipes
Guide Vane

04/2015 :: Valve housing - steam turbine casing - Pump shafts - Track Renewal Train

valve housing

steam turbine casing

Production of pump shafts

Commissioning renewal train for track construction

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